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5 Romantic Board Games for Valentine’s Day

Posted Sunday, 8-Feb-2015

Have you picked out the flowers and sampled the chocolates for our upcoming Hallmark Holiday?  Try these 5 romantic board games to bring the love back to your Valentine’s Day.

1.  Love Letter

Will you be able to woo the Princess of Tempest by making your love letter reach her before other players?  Take your chances in this renaissance-themed card game of bluffing and deduction.

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  20 Minutes

Play Mechanics:  Bluffing, Deduction, Hand Management


Love Letter Card Game

2.  Marriage Material

The only way to win in this game is to be the last player to remain unmarried.  Avoid being labeled the ‘marrying type” in this quick & comical card game.

# of Players:  2-5

Playing Time:  30 Minutes

Play Mechanics:  Hand Management

Marriage Material

3.  Punk Sucht Lady

In this hard-to-find romantic-themed game, players assume the role of a manager at a marriage bureau.  Win this fun party game by finding the best romantic match for all of your clients.

# of Players:  4-6

Playing Time:  60 Minutes

Play Mechanics:  Bluffing, Pattern Recognition, Party Game, Negotiation


Punk Sucht Lady

 4.  Tanto Cuore:  Octoberfest

An expansion to the popular Tanto Cuore deck-building card game, Tanto Cuore: Octoberfest is set to be released later this year.  This Japanese produced romantic game will allow you to control your ‘sexy’ maids to expand your house the most.

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  30 Minutes

Play Mechanics:  Card Drafting, Set Collection, Hand Management

Tanto Cuore Octoberfest

5.  Forbidden Island

Though not a particularly romantic game, wouldn’t it be lovely to be stuck on a forbidden island with that life-long love?  We picked this as a fantastic game for Valentine’s day because it is a cooperative game that works extremely well with two people.  Work together for a combined victory!

# of Players:  2-4

Playing Time:  30 Minutes

Play Mechanics:  Cooperative Play, Grid Management, Hand Management

Forbidden Island Game

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