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5 games to play with your family this holiday season

Posted Saturday, 12-Dec-2015

Contributed by Calvin Wong


The end of the year approaches, and thus so does time spent with loved (and perhaps only liked) ones. Here are 5 games you can pull out that are sure to be a hit with your loved ones of all ages!



In Abyss, you collect pearls in a little plastic clam and then use the pearls to recruit seahorses to your cause.


The art of Abyss.
The art of Abyss.


If you’re not already sold by the first sentence, this game of bidding and set collection will reel you in with its siren-like beauty. Abyss’ production design can best be described as ‘superlative’ – with its stunning art really pulling you into the undersea world of the game.


Don't be fooled, the game is simple and quick - unlike your fate.
Don’t be fooled, the game is simple and quick – unlike your fate.


Each player is competing to win the favors of the various lords of the underwater kingdoms. By enticing the right creatures to join your side, you will wield more and more power over the ocean’s various locales until at last a winner is crowned King or Queen of the depths.

A quick playing game for nearly all ages, Abyss nevertheless has many nautical miles of depth to explore.

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Forbidden Desert

Your airship has crashed somewhere in the shifting desert, and there’s a sandstorm on the way. You and up to 4 others have to discover the clues which will lead you to the broken parts of your stricken vessel and assemble them before the storm buries you.


Small box - big fun.
Small box – big fun.


Thus goes Forbidden Desert – this co-operative game of exploration and survival. Even if you manage to uncover a vital airship component, the storm might still strand you – the game represents this with an extremely clever mechanic where the very board shifts and moves, and you might find yourself blown off course and cut off from your friends.


The airship - complete with metal engine and working propeller.
The airship – complete with metal engine and working propeller.


Steampunk jetpacks and humble water canteens might be your salvation – but you still have to work together to make the best of every move, lest the Forbidden Desert become your final destination.

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There has been a murder, and you are the investigators – only the victim is the one who will help you solve the crime.




Each player in Mysterium is a psychic who has gathered in order to communicate with the victim’s ghost – who is played by one of your number. The ghost must give cards to the other players – representing visions – in order to get them to guess the weapon, location, and murderer. But the cards are never quite so direct, and so the psychics must interpret as a group what the ghost is trying to get them to find before time runs out.


Tick tock, investigators...
Tick tock, investigators…


Lavishly illustrated with gorgeous components, Mysterium is a contemplative, brain-bending experience for the whole family.

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Think on your feet or fall on your face – Spyfall is a party game with a mind-bending twist.


Dun dun! DUN DUN!
Dun dun! DUN DUN!


Each player at the table is given a card with a location and a role, except for the spy. Each player then asks one other player a question related to their location – for instance, ‘How did you get here today?’ and the other player must answer – but not too accurately, lest they give away information to the spy.


Some of the game's quirky location cards.
Some of the game’s quirky location cards.


The spy wins when they can guess the location the players are in – the players win when they can identify the spy – but how to ask and answer without tipping off the saboteur in your midst?

A great icebreaker and a quick laugh – Spyfall forces quick thinking and produces some of the most awkward Q&As possible as players struggle to keep all the details straight between their brains and their mouths…

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Get ready to make laser noises with your lips, it’s X-Wing. Space combat on your table never looked quite so good.


Pewpewpew! WHEEEOOOW!
Pewpewpew! WHEEEOOOW!


Each X-Wing set comes with fully painted ships and all the stuff you need to lock proton torpedoes and keep them off your six. Simple to teach and fast to play, X-Wing supports 2 to 4 players freewheeling across the customizable battlefield with Darth Vader or Han Solo in your favorite ships from the series.


There are over 40 ships available in this system, including plenty you've never heard of.
There are over 40 ships available in this system, including plenty you’ve never heard of.


(And if you really get into it, you can plonk down a Blockade Runner or a Millenium Falcon and really go to town.)

If you’re even a little bit into Star Wars and the thought of fighting daring battles with these iconic ships sends a thrill through your heart, you can’t go wrong with a core set (available in classic or Force Awakens editions) or maybe a couple extra ships of your choice.

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