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2017 Spiel des Jahres Nominees

Posted Wednesday, 24-May-2017

Every year a jury of German board game reviewers and critics get together to announce gaming’s most prestigious award; the Spiel des Jahres.


Since 1979, the jury has chosen the best family friendly game; since 2001, two additional categories were added for best children’s game (the Kinderspiel) and best connoisseur’s game (the Kennerspiel)


Here are 2017’s nominees, all of which are definitely worth checking out. Do it FAST, because SdJ nominees tend to sell out very quickly! 

Game of the Year



Choose the right Dominos to build your kingdom and score the most points with limited space. Clean, stylish aesthetic domino game with a civ-building twist.

Find the best prices for Kingdomino.

Magic Maze

Help your party of adventurers brave the mysterious and magical realm of the shopping mall. Real time co-operative maze game where each player controls a single direction rather than a character.



Find the best prices for Magic Maze.

El Dorado



Currently only available in German, El Dorado is a card game where players race across the board to find the fabled city of El Dorado. Add the right cards to your deck and go on adventures!


Runners up: DEJA-VU, Dodelido, Fabled Fruit, Klask, Shiftago, Temple of Fear, Word Slam


Children’s Game of the Year

Captain Silver



Can you sail to Treasure Island before your friends do? This real time simultaneous game has players blindly feeling inside a bag for the right shaped items (cutlasses, maps, cannons) to place on the board to claim gold and bonuses!

Find the best prices for Captain Silver.

Ice Cool


Jump and a slide turn = sooo awesome.

Penguins in high school (high school, ice cool, it’s a pun) sliding around the halls before the hall monitor catches them! Flick your penguins and collect the fish before your friends do!

Find the best prices for Ice Cool.

The Mysterious Forest



Based on the Wormworld Sage, guide young Jonas through the forest using the power of your memory. Scout the path before him, including the monsters he’ll have to fight, then load your backpack with all the necessary maps, weapons, and equipment.

Find the best prices for The Mysterious Forest.


Runners upLagoonies, Chickyboom, Little Bird, Big Hunger, Kullerhexe, Sleeping Queens, Outfoxed!, Wizardry to the Power of Three.

Connoisseur’s Game of the Year

EXIT: The Game


Based on the popular escape rooms where players must escape literally from a locked room, the EXIT series puts the puzzles on your table and challenges you to solve them in time. Will you escape the Secret Lab or the Pharaoh’s Tomb?

Find the best prices for the EXIT: The Game series.

Raiders of the North Sea



Hire crew, gather provisions, and go on viking raids! Raiders of the North Sea is a worker placement game set in the time of longships and valkyries.

Find the best prices for Raiders of the North Sea.

Terraforming Mars


Eat your heart out, Mark Watney.


In the near future, humans are transforming the red planet to make a new home. Create oceans, raise oxygen levels, mine the moons, and even crash asteroids into the planet – all in this economic strategy game of resources and card games.

Find the best prices for Terraforming Mars.


Runners up: Captain Sonar, The Big Book of Madness, Great Western Trail, The Grizzled


Check out all the SdJ nominees and runners up as well as Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Spiel des Jahres!

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