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10 Ways to NOT Get Booted From a Game Group

Posted Tuesday, 20-Jan-2015

Unique personalities and quirks are especially common in the board game community.  This is possibly what separates us from the ‘normal’ population.

But board game groups meet for a common goal: to play games – which is why we are able to peer past each-others distracting eccentricities and focus on the game at hand.

Here are 10 ways to NOT get kicked out of your board game group, all while maintaining your peculiar mannerisms and foible characteristics:

1.  Be on time.  Nothing is worse than waiting endlessly for the arrival of that 7th player for Resistance: Avalon.

Tip:  If planning on playing a 5-8 player game, bring a shorter game to play while waiting for everything to arrive.  Game ideas:  6 Nimmt!, Can’t Stop, Carcassone: Dice, Fairy Tale

2.  Keep your cards neat.  Mutilating the property of others can be harmful for gamer-to-gamer relationships.  Do you know how annoying it is that everyone knows I have the Monopoly card in Settlers of Catan because Steve ‘accidentally’ bent the corner?

3.  Put food and drinks on a side table.  One wrong move and that Oreo milkshake will make the mechanical wheels of your Tzolk’in game sticky forever.

Tip:  Pull up a ‘TV Table’ to place your food and drinks on.  Also, avoid bringing greasy foods and pungent comestibles to game night.

4.  Turn your cell phone OFF.  This is literally your time to unplug from the world and focus on nothing else but the game at hand.  Relish in your peaceful electronic-free board game space for as much time as humanly possible.  Your Facebook feed and cat photos will still be there when you turn the phone back on…I promise.

5.  Excuse yourself.  If you know that you’re going to take an exceptionally long turn, don’t hesitate to tell everyone:

“Hmm, give me a minute to decide if I should buy this extra uranium, or save my money to build a power plant in another city…Hey did you know that Power Grid has a caveman expansion?”

6.  Never quit.  When it’s obvious that you started Istanbul with a wrong initial strategy and your 2 victory gems are no match for every other player’s 6 gems, stay strong and carry on.  You will not win the game, but you will finish as a noble loser.

Tip:  Don’t lose to avoid the urge of walking out on a game.

7.  Focus.  Besides bringing folks together for an enjoyable time, most games double as a fantastic brain exercise.  With that in mind: Stay Focused.  Don’t talk while others are explaining the rules and don’t start needless side conversations during the course of the game.  If I have to explain how to score a tile in Oddville one more time…

8.  Play competitively.  Don’t be timid about making a certain move that will negatively affect others. Good game etiquette includes playing the game that way it was meant to be played.  So don’t fret about someones emotions after you block them out of a city in Hansa Teutonica.

9.  Clean up.  A great way to pooh pooh board game etiquette is to leave a game without cleaning up.  Are you that guy that runs to the bathroom immediately after a game to avoid squeezing all of your Carcassonne meeples into a tiny plastic bag?  Don’t be him.

10.  Have Fun!  Perhaps the most important rule of board game etiquette is simply to have lots of fun.  Everyone took time out of his or her schedule to be together and participate in a new experience.  Cherish the time, and consider reliving it if you really enjoyed the game.

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