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10 Family Games to Try Before You Die

Posted Sunday, 9-Jul-2017


Contributed by Andrew Knighton & Calvin Wong



One of the biggest joys in gaming is sharing the fun with family. Here are ten of the best games for doing just that.


Picture by KitAy via Flickr Creative Commons
Picture by KitAy via Flickr Creative Commons






Watching your family get bent out of shape trying to get their left hand onto a red spot never gets old in this classic game of contortion and gravity-bending.

King of Tokyo


King of Tokyo


With its simple dice rolling mechanics and cartoon monsters, this is a great game for older kids who has mastered counting and basic probability.





The gorgeous game of communication and understanding, the beautiful art will keep everyone invested while the game tests how well you understand each other.


Jungle Speed



Advanced snap with extra grabbing, it’s high speed fun that doesn’t let up. Match, grab, win!

Spot It! Party



Another snap-style game, where the challenge is to identify which of the many symbols on each card match each other. This edition adds 6 new mini games to the standard Spot it! mode for even more gameplay options.

Hey! That’s My Fish


In the penguin world, winner takes all apparently.


A game of simple mechanics and even more careful strategy, greedy penguins steal fish and leave their opponents in the lurch. As the ice gets thinner and thinner, the game subtly introduces kids to area control concepts with a cute theme!

Zombie Dice




Fast, simple mechanics and a silly theme (rawr, brains!) make this push-your-luck game good for kids who love monsters or adults wanting something simple to play late in the evening.




Scrabble without the board! A fast moving word game that’s good for practicing spelling or entertaining your Scrabble-obsessed aunt. Build your own crossword – and don’t forget to peel!




New look, same game.


A classic gateway board game (some might say the classic gateway board game), Catan has hooked thousands of gamer families across the world with its easily understood theme and constructive play.

Ticket to Ride



When you’re almost ready to move past family games, Ticket to Ride will let you test the waters with its route planning and point-counting – completing routes with your plastic train miniatures never gets old.

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