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10 board game reviewers you should know about

Posted Monday, 23-Mar-2015

Admit it, your favorite board game reviewer is yourself.

After you finish playing the newest board game, you and everyone else you played with forms an opinion that is, in essence, the most valuable review to any of you.  By the end of the game, you instantly know whether or not you will play the game again.

But what about before the game has started? You must rely on the opinions of others. That’s why we put together this list: 10 game reviewers with a wide variety of tastes. Read through them and see which reviewers look for the same haves and have nots as you.

Our list of top 10 board game reviewers (in no particular order):

Shut up and Sit Down




Shut Up and Sit Down

Shut up and Sit Down is a London-based board game reviewer aiming to show the world how fun board games can be.  Their video reviews are famous for their comedy and strict standards in all things gaming related. They also have weekly game news, written reviews and in-depth articles on board game culture.


The One Tar




The One Tar
The One Tar

Tiffany Ralph, AKA The One Tar, uploads video reviews on her YouTube channel.  She shoots them while walking around town with the camera pointed at her face, giving you the impression of chatting one-on-one about board games with a very a knowledgeable friend.


StarlitCitadel Reviews



StarlitCitadel is a Canadian board game store and video channel out of Vancouver.  Their content consists of very clear and balanced reviews.  The channel started as a marketing device for their eCommerce site, but quickly took off as a great standalone product. Hundreds of viewers pledge money for the production of each video, giving StarlitCitadel the ability to continue creating board game reviews for over 22,000 YouTube subscribers.

Drive Thru Reviews




Drive Thru Reviews
Drive Thru Reviews

Drive Thru Review is the solo opus of game-reviewing veteran Joel Eddy.  The website mostly releases video reviews of new and old game alike and has an unrivaled eye for games from small publishers.  Drive Thru also produces a podcast and is a go-to for its video coverage of the GenCon gaming convention.

Dog and Thimble




Dog and Thimble
Dog and Thimble


Dog and Thimble, created by former video game journalist Hilary Goldstein, regularly features in-depth reviews on its website in both written and video format.  They also have a great news section and produce an excellent podcast.

Suzanne S. Board Game Apps

Hate it or love it, mobile versions of board games are growing in popularity.  Suzanne S. is the unofficial reviewer of mobile versions.  If you like board games, but don’t have time to organize game nights as often as you would like, her YouTube channel can give you some alternative ideas.

Board Games with Scott




Board Games with Scott
Board Games with Scott

Scott Nicholson is the first video board gamer reviewer ever (probably).  His video series has inspired countless board game reviewers and still churns out insightful reviews for classic games.

Board with Life



Although their main focus isn’t always to review board games, the Board with Life crew creates top-notch board game-related videos. They have a weekly news video, short board game themed comedy sketches, and a hilarious full length comedy show about a group of board gamers.


The Dice Tower




The Dice Tower
The Dice Tower is considered to be an authority on board games.

The Dice Tower is a powerhouse network of board game reviewers, founded by its main host Tom Vasel.  The channel is renowned for its unmatched ability to pump out reviews at astounding frequency, with Tom alone releasing four to five reviews per week.

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