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10 Best Stocking Stuffer Board Games

Posted Wednesday, 23-Nov-2016

Looking for a great game with a small box? These board games will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Contributed by Crystal Pisano


Why fill your family’s stockings with candy and socks when there are plenty of board and card games that will easily fit instead? These are some of our favorite games that are a lot of fun but are small enough to fit inside a stocking.


A fun, light dice rolling game with more strategy than a first glance might tell you. This game is easy to learn, quick to play, and keeps all players engaged because there are actions you can take during everyone else’s turn in addition to your own!


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Qwixx


Perfect for people who like to roll dice, but don’t want luck to be the only factor in determining who wins.




Welcome to the Dungeon

This push-your-luck style game sees players adding monsters to a deck of dungeon cards and taking equipment away from the hero who will face those monsters but beware… Once all players but one pass, the last player must take the hero through the dungeon and survive. Do you add another monster knowing that the hero isn’t equipped well enough to fight it in hopes that everyone else doesn’t pass?


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Welcome to the Dungeon
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Welcome to the Dungeon


This fun take on the classic dungeon crawl theme is fun for everyone and games go by so quickly, you might just have to play more than once.





From renowned game designer Carl Chudyk, Red 7 has a simple premise: if you aren’t winning the game at the end of your turn, you’re eliminated.


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Red7


Players use cards to either change the rules of the game or to put themselves into the lead based on the current rules. Beneath that simple premise is a deep, strategic experience that is accessible enough for inexperienced gamers and deep enough to keep even the most seasoned board gamers coming back for more.




A Fake Artist Goes to New York

While many small-box games can only accommodate a small number of players, this tiny box plays with up to 10. Every round, one player picks a theme and then secretly writes an item related to that theme on tiny white boards that are passed out to the rest of the players. Except one player’s white board will contain an X; they are the fake artist. A pad of paper is passed around and players contribute to the drawing of the item by adding a single line at a time with their uniquely colored marker. The fake artist has to pretend to know what they’re doing! Once everyone has had a chance to draw twice, the group votes on who they think the fake artist is.


Stocking Stuffer Idea: A Fake Artist Goes to New York
Stocking Stuffer Idea: A Fake Artist Goes to New York


A great little party game that doesn’t involve any real skill, this game is a must-have in any game collection.




Zombie Dice

This fun, press-your-luck, dice rolling game has players taking on the roles of zombies attempting to eat the most brains. Roll the dice and hope you get brains, because if you roll too many shotgun symbols, you lose all the brains you already rolled. This game can be played with as many players as you want as the dice cup simply gets passed from player to player.


Zombie Dice Game
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Zombie Dice


For parents with small children who aren’t keen on the zombie theme, there is another version of this game called Dino Hunt Dice that is a little more family friendly.




Deep Sea Adventure

If you like the idea of a push-your-luck game but know the person you’re gifting it to wants a little more strategy in their games, Deep Sea Adventure is a great choice. Players dive down from a submarine through the underwater ruins, picking up ruin tiles. There is a limited supply of water for all the divers and the while the more valuable tiles are further down, they’re also more dangerous to get because the more tiles you pick up, the harder it is to get back to the submarine.


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Deep Sea Adventure
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Deep Sea Adventure


The box this game comes in is small, but there is certainly a lot of fun and strategy inside it.





The 2012 Spiel des Jahres winner, Hanabi is a card game where players must cooperatively complete a fireworks display by playing cards in order by number and color onto the table, without ever seeing the cards in their own hand. Players must give clues to one another to ensure the correct cards get played. Too many mistakes and the fireworks display explodes!


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Hanabi


This small box contains a lot of fun and can be a great way to get players to work with one another to achieve a common goal.




Love Letter

The game praised as one of the best micro games by gamers of all types, Love Letter contains a few tokens and a deck of just 16 cards. Each player has one card in their hand and on their turn they draw a second card then play one card and enact its ability. The last player standing or the player to successfully deliver a letter to the princess wins the round.


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Love Letter
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Love Letter


With multiple themed versions of this game including Love Letter: Batman, Adventure Time Love Letter, Love Letter: The Hobbit, and more, there is a version of this game perfect for any gamer in your life.





A game of bluffing and betrayal, Coup has players trying to be the last one standing. All players start with two coins and two face-down character cards. There are five different characters, and three cards of each one in the deck. On a player’s turn, they may take the action of any character, but if someone else suspects the character’s action you are taking isn’t on one of your face-down cards, they can call you out. Players lose their influence (character cards) when they are caught lying or if they accuse someone of lying who was telling the truth.


Coup Board Game
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Coup


A quick game to learn but difficult to master, if you’re looking for some sneaky fun, Coup is a great choice.




Hive: Pocket Edition

If your giftee loves abstract games such as Chess or Go, Hive Pocket is a great game to put in their stocking. Hive consists of pieces containing different type of bugs in two colors, black and white. Each bug has different rules regarding movement and players place their tiles onto the table trying to surround their opponent’s queen while protecting their own queen.


Stocking Stuffer Idea: Hive Pocket Edition
Stocking Stuffer Idea: Hive Pocket Edition


A great two-player game, the pocket-sized version of Hive is a great addition to any game collection.


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