War of the Ring

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War of the Ring
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7.9 / 10
150 minutes
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War has come to Middle Earth. In the east, Isengard rises and the dark lord Sauron comes to destroy all. The free peoples must rise up – man, dwarf, and elf alike – to deliver the ring-bearer to Mount Doom before the lands are swallowed by the War of the Ring. Relive the epic fantasy classic - The Lord of the Rings come to life on your table. In War of the Ring, two players go head to head as the major factions of the epic fantasy series. Sauron masses his armies of shadow against the realms of the free peoples - who must hold fast against Sauron’s vast forces while the ringbearer sneaks into Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Buy War of the Ring if you’re looking for an epic grand strategy game of asymmetry and conquest set in the universe of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth.