The Voyages of Marco Polo

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The Voyages of Marco Polo
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7.7 / 10
100 minutes
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In the board game The Voyages of Marco Polo, you and your friends each control a different character and traverse the path that Marco Polo travelled from 1271 to 1275. During the five rounds of the game, players roll dice that allow them to perform different actions such as collecting resources, earning money, purchasing orders, and travelling. Different locations on the map will give players different actions they can perform. Players receive victory points throughout the game as well as at the end of the game for arriving in Bejing, fulfilling the most orders, and for any cities they reached during the game that were on the secret city cards given out at the beginning of the game. Players looking for a fun game that involves dice rolling, route building, and an interesting, historical theme should buy The Voyages of Marco Polo.