Splish Splash!

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Splish Splash!
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15 minutes
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In Splish Splash! players get to recreate that great feeling that comes from tossing stones in a pond and seeing water splash everywhere – but now you need to splash out just the right things in order to win. To set up the game, take the box bottom – which has a game board set into it complete with an indented "pond" – and place it on the table; then fill the pond with the 50 wooden droplets, which come in five colors. Give each player a scoring disc showing ten droplets. On a turn, a player rolls the die; based on the die roll the player either chooses a colored droplet in the color of her choice from the pond and places it on her scoring disc or drops a wooden "pebble" into the pond two or three times. After dropping the pebble, she then keeps any droplets that match empty spaces on her scoring disc while returning any other droplets to the pond. The first player to fill her scoring disc wins.