Space Alert

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Space Alert
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7.4 / 10
30 minutes
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Aliens are coming! Shields up! Power the reactor! Fire the lasers! ...and someone remember to wiggle the mouse so the screensaver doesn't start! Space Alert is a real-time cooperative board game which casts players as the crew of a 'Sitting Duck' class exploration vessel. Your mission: Jump into an unexplored sector of space, scan it for ten minutes, stay alive(!!) and then jump away! The game features a central soundtrack that announces the presence of various threats. Players must scramble to complete their assigned tasks while making sure that the ship has enough power (and is in enough of one piece) to do what they need. With several difficulty levels, incredible replayability and a wide range of player counts, buy Space Alert if you want the ultimate science fiction co-op experience. WIGGLE THE MOUSE!