Risk Legacy

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Risk Legacy
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7.2 / 10
60 minutes
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What is done cannot be undone. Risk Legacy is an original twist on the classic board game of world domination. As players play through Risk Legacy, the game is permanently changed - stickers applied to the board, rules added or changed, components ripped up and destroyed. The purpose of these changes is to provide ongoing consequences and permanence to any given copy of Risk Legacy, creating a truly unique experience for you and your friends that will not be replicated by any other group of players in the world. The campaign of Risk Legacy lasts 15 games, with twists and surprises that no one could see coming. After the campaign ends, you will have a fully personalized copy of the game with the entire history of your campaigns of global conquest. Want to name your favorite territories and get bonuses from starting there? How about faction powers that improve your side as the game goes on? Buy Risk Legacy.