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30 minutes
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Jaipur is a two-player card game of trading and timing. In Jaipur, you and your opponent are competing merchants in an Indian city striving to be invited to the court of the Maharaja. The game of Jaipur involves buying goods from a central marketplace which both players can access and then selling sets of goods (such as gold, diamonds, spices, and leather) in order to score points. The larger the set, the better the payout, but the earlier you sell, the better the payout. Finding the right balance of timing to sell and outdo your opponent is tricky, and the best-performing merchant wins the round, and best two out of three rounds wins. (There’s also the small matter of managing your herd of camels.) Buy Jaipur if you want a tense, quick game of hand management and set collection with risky decisions and a fun theme.