A Few Acres of Snow

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A Few Acres of Snow
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7.2 / 10
120 minutes
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1754. America. For over 150 years, the French and the British locked horns over their dominions in North America. A Few Acres of Snow is board game that recreates the conflict, with a focus on deck building and multiple uses for each card. Capture Halifax and colonize New York - Settlers, soldiers, American tribes, and the very land itself are your obstacles. Each card in your hand represents a location, or a ship, or a piece of your economy. Muster armies, field cannons, or wheel out crooked bureaucrats to win over the natives - but war is never simple, logistics is never easy, and few conflicts will be as bitter and cold as those fought over a few acres of snow. Buy a Few Acres of Snow and find out why so many people have been enthralled by this deceptively complex war game of wit and epic strategy by master designer Martin Wallace.