Dominion: Empires

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Dominion: Empires
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6.4 / 10
30 minutes
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Dominion: Empires is an expansion to Dominion, the deck-building game of efficiency and deck management. This is an empire, which makes you the emperor. Prepare to Annex, Conquer, Dominate, and Wedding your way to victory – as you take control of Treasures, Landmarks, and various Castles in order to expand and control your Empire. Victory point Tokens, Events, and Durations return from previous expansions – players can also go into debt, as they try to build Landmarks such as Labyrinths, Palaces, and Obelisks in order to push their borders even further. Buy Dominion: Empires to expand your Dominion collection and add a little imperialism to your gaming nights.