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6 / 10
60 minutes
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The Nanopocalypse has come, and humanity must rebuild! Players compete to construct the best Colony they can using dice drafting, engine building and tableau building to construct facilities like Fallout Shelters, Uranium Mines, and recruit Robbers to keep the other players on their toes. Players keep dice from round to round, allowing them to pursue their strategy with fairly low luck. They can also create unstable resources – letting them roll more dice but that cannot be saved. Each card in a player's tableau can also be upgraded to a more powerful version – even the card that lets you upgrade! While Colony comes with 28 different cards to construct, only 13 are used in a single game – choose your own to customize the game to your liking, or use the free companion app and let it choose for you! Buy Colony if you enjoy a board game that will let you build an engine then letting it run as you race your way to victory points!