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7.3 / 10
45 minutes
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A two player dungeon crawl board game set in the universe of Hell Dorado, Claustrophobia combines gorgeous components, a unique dice system, and short game time to produce a compelling game. One player plays as the human Redemeers, the other as the demonic forces arrayed against them. On their turn, players roll dice, then assign these dice to different actions as displayed on their character sheets. Each human character for example, might have a different attack or movement value based on the dice assigned to them. The demon player has an endless horde that he commands by playing sets of dice (all evens, 5s or higher) to his abilities in order to spawn more demons, order ferocious attacks, or so on. If you're looking for a scenario based dungeon crawler that fits a low player count, you'll want to buy Claustrophobia.