Blood Rage

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Blood Rage
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7.9 / 10
90 minutes
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Valhalla calls! Blood Rage is a board game of viking conquest and dominance with incredibly detailed and gorgeous miniatures for its vikings and monsters alike. In Blood Rage, you take control of a clan of vikings just as the world has gone to Ragnarok. The battle begins for the end of the world and you must battle and pillage and quest in order to gain the most glory and be taken to Valhalla. Each game of Blood Rage sees players drafting cards to improve the abilities of their clan, recruit powerful monsters with massive miniatures to match, or barter for the favor of the gods. Then they must lead their clan to victory using the strategies at their disposal - but winning is not everything. It is only the clan with the most glory that shall rise to eternity. Buy Blood Rage if you want a game which never plays the same way twice, or if you love the theme of vikings battling for glory, or simply want to grace your table with some of the most beautiful components of all time.