The Battle of Five Armies

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The Battle of Five Armies
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7 / 10
240 minutes
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The climax of The Hobbit is one of the most well known fictional battles of all literature: The Battle of Five Armies. The Elvenking, the Dwarves of Dain Ironfoot, and the Men of the Lake fight against against a horde of Wolves, Goblins and Bats - all represented by gorgeous, custom miniatures. One player plays as the forces of the free people against the forces of shadow, with the epic conflict between the two at the foot of the Lonely Mountain. Muster your armies, rally your peoples, and prepare for the clash of steel as the battle of five armies comes to its thrilling close. Based on the critically acclaimed War of the Ring, buy The Battle of Five Armies for an unparalleled tactical experience in the world of Middle Earth.