Admiral (Extended version)

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Admiral (Extended version)
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60 minutes
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'Admiral' is a Board Gaming System that provides players an opportunity to act as commander of the sailing ships fleet at the Epoch of the Sail (XVI-XVIII centuries). At their disposal – all the fighting techniques of sailing ships: - 100-gun First Rate Ships, - fast and furious frigates, - firepower of galleons - maneuverability of brigs. Use also advantages of enemy ships boarding, fire-ships (i.e., ships-bombs) and naval mines! Please dive into the period of 3 centuries when sailing ships were masters of the seas and oceans! Despite all of this diversity, the game can be quickly mastered by both experienced players and those who are only acquainted with the fascinating world of naval strategic board games. To do this, the game has several levels of difficulty that help to master the most complex techniques according to real conditions of naval battles of the epoch. Various game scenarios are also available. They will allow to play either direct confrontation of naval armada or hunt for the gold fleet or assault pirate port! Short description and advantages of the Game: 1. Romantic (not cruel) naval game about ‘sail epoch’ for meeting and communication of all the family or other good company (starting from 6-8 years till 99, 8+ recommended). 2. Different levels of difficulty and different scenarios (impact on number of participants [2-6, 3-4 recommended), age, time [30-120 minutes, 80 is average for experienced players], goal of the game [resources collection, opponents defeat]). 3. Game mechanics closely related to the naval story, usage of wind direction and strength (determined with a weathercock) as one of the main drivers of uncertainty! 4. Very nice miniatures of warships (you will enjoy their fun and easy construction (no glue!) and, if you wish, recolor them according to your tastes or tastes of you children) PLUS usage of magnets for small elements of playing cards for your convenience. 5. The rules with separate not obligatory for reading chapter on history of the ‘sail epoch’, written in a romantic manner. 6. A map can be configured by means of overlay components according to the scenario and will of the players. 7. The game was tested in different countries by 6-10 years children [incl.girls], 15-40 year men and women, and board game geeks. And was admired by most of them, and purchased after testing by some of them.